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10 Incredible Bed Storage Solutions to Spark Inspiration

Storing your valuables above, below, or inside built-ins around your bed is a great way to control the clutter and maintain a well-organized space.

Controlling the bedroom clutter is always a challenge. After a while, clothing, knickknacks, electronics, and other items fill your closet until the space begins to burst at its seams. If you’re looking for some creative organization tips to help save space, bed storage is a fantastic solution.

Storing your valuables above, below, or inside built-ins around your bed is a great way to control the clutter and maintain a well-organized space. Unfortunately, many bed storage solutions can look cheap and tacky, which is why we’ve rounded up some of the best bed storage solutions to help spark some inspiration.

Try above the bed shelving

Photo by Medhat Ayad from Pexels

One of the easiest methods of bed storage is to opt for shelving. You can use open shelves or take a built-in approach to help hold your clothing or other necessary items. Above-bed storage is seamless and sophisticated. It draws the eye up towards the ceiling and often creates the illusion of more space.

If you opt for shelving, try to match the colors and tones with that of your bed frame for a more cohesive look. Additionally, shelves can be used as a decorative centerpiece above the headboard. Often, this space is left blank or lacking. Shelving not only fills this gap but also adds a bit of functionality to the room.

Utilize the space underneath for pull out drawers

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

Most beds have a decent bit of empty and unused space beneath them. If you’re looking to maximize your storage space, definitely don’t neglect to take advantage of the available space below! Try out under-the-bed storage solutions like pull-out drawers. Whether you choose the DIY route or opt for a pre-made built-in frame, pull-out drawers beneath the bed can genuinely transform your space.

Additionally, it can be fun to get creative with the sizes and amount of drawers you have. Try your hand at several small drawers for organizing delicate items. Or utilize larger drawers to store linens and comforters. You can even create a pull-out nightstand or side table like in the image above!

Take advantage of the headboard for hidden storage

Photo by Pexels from Pixabay

Headboards are a beautiful centerpiece for any bed. They create an air of sophistication and allow a bedroom to feel luxurious. Rather than using the headboard as a simple statement piece, you can create an element of functionality to store items. 

Hidden storage in headboards has become quite the craze. You can create sliding drawers that pull out from the headboard or create simple shelves to store whatever you please. Some headboards can also be wired to accommodate built-in lamps or charging ports for electronics. Functionality is vital with this storage solution, and the goal is to maximize the space you have without detracting from the elegance your headboard brings to your room.

Opt for a modern storage bed

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

You’ve likely seen a modern storage bed once or twice before since they’re a common storage solution in tiny homes where the goal is to maximize space. Storage beds have the ability to be lifted to reveal an expansive space optimized for storing blankets, pillows, comforters, and other linens. Of course, you can always store suitcases, winter clothing, and other necessities as well, depending on your needs.

Since these beds can be easily lifted to reveal more storage, many people have begun adopting them into their homes. The best part of having a modern storage bed, of course, is that the bed hides the clutter. This hidden storage solution is especially great for guest rooms or smaller spaces that want to utilize all of the empty space below a bed.

Get a platform bed

Photo by Medhat Ayad from Pexels

While platform beds are most notorious in college dorms, it shouldn’t deter you from opting for one. Platform beds come with built-in storage that acts as both a bed frame and a dresser. While the bed is often raised due to the built-in storage, there’s no doubt that this quality provides a certain appeal.

Platform beds are beneficial in rooms for kids and teens. The bed saves space by acting as a two-in-one dresser and bed combined. For smaller rooms, a platform bed can eliminate the need to cram large furniture in such a limited space. 

When in doubt, baskets work wonders

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

If DIY built-ins aren’t your thing, why not try out decorative baskets? Wicker and cloth baskets are a cute and fun way to store items beneath the bed. You don’t have to worry about tedious built-ins or spending hundreds of dollars on a new bed frame to accommodate your new space-saving needs.

A few baskets can go a long way. If you master your folding skills, you can effectively store whatever linens or clothing items you need underneath your bed. Baskets are also a fantastic idea for kids’ rooms as they are easy to pull out and look adorable beneath the bed. 

Give open shelving a try

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Open shelving has become another popular under-the-bed storage solution. Whether you use small cubby shelves, build your own bed frame, or opt for pallets (like the image above), open shelving is a great way to create a twist on traditional bedroom design.

Open shelving is the opposite of hidden storage, but that’s part of its appeal. It promotes a new element of organization that encourages you to turn your clutter into decor. For example, you can stack books to create a mini library beneath the bed. Or use aesthetically pleasing baskets to store electronics or clothing on the small shelves. This is a fun way to change up your bedroom design and step away from what is “normal.” 

Try built-in wall storage as a headboard

Photo by Ferenc Keresi from Pixabay 

Built-in wall storage that acts as a headboard for your bed is a trend in home design that aims to blend functionality with sophistication. This built-in solution provides ample space for storage while also allowing your room to look larger than it is. Additionally, wall storage creates an element of sophistication that creates a luxurious tone to the room.

One reason this storage solution has become so popular is that it effectively hides clutter without looking like a piece of basic storage furniture. Instead, wall storage aims to look as if it were meant to be there so that the unknowing eye would never guess that you were using it as storage!

Utilize bunk bed space in kids rooms

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Like the platform bed, bunk beds with dressers and storage built-ins are a great way to combine storage and sleep. If you have kids, bunk beds with storage built-ins can help you save space in their rooms while also providing additional space for storing items. Whether used for toys, seasonal attire, bedding, or books, these built-ins allow for maximum space optimization without detracting from the aesthetics of your home.

Another great feature of these bunk beds is that they’re kid-friendly. Often, the drawers and shelves are situated closer to the floor, with the mattress laying on top. This allows kids to develop their own autonomy and creates methods for teaching proper organization and cleaning routines.

Rolling bins allow for easy access

Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

If you don’t want to purchase a new bed but have limited storage space beneath your own, don’t worry! Rolling bins are an excellent solution for storing your items in a manner that’s easy to access. These bins are often long and thin, meaning you don’t have to stuff chunky storage units beneath your bed or worry about baskets getting out of reach.

Thanks to their slim design, rolling bins can easily slide under your bed. No matter how heavy, the wheels on these bins allow you to pull them in and out with ease. This is a great option for people wanting to save space even if they’re operating on a tight budget.

Bed storage is a tricky thing to master, but if done correctly, it will look less like storage and more like an element of the overall design. Built-ins and storage bins that complement the aesthetics of the room will look natural and appealing. Work to hide the clutter that you can, but don’t be afraid to try your hand at non-traditional storage solutions that blend functionality and style.


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