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Age-Appropriate Chores for 7-8 Year Olds

Children can benefit greatly by helping around the house, no matter what age. There are many age-appropriate chores for 7 and 8 year olds that they can complete on their own.  Not only will you have an extra set of hands to get some jobs done, but your child will also learn some valuable skills … Continued

Children can benefit greatly by helping around the house, no matter what age. There are many age-appropriate chores for 7 and 8 year olds that they can complete on their own. 

Not only will you have an extra set of hands to get some jobs done, but your child will also learn some valuable skills in the process. 

How Do Chores Benefit Kids? 

Helping with household chores provides your kids a wealth of benefits as they grow. While some parents argue that you should leave children to be kids, others maintain the advantages of having them regularly chip in. 

Some of the ways chores benefit kids include: 

  • Teaches responsibility
  • They learn life skills early
  • Increases self-reliance and self-esteem
  • Teaches time-management skills
  • Encourages teamwork 
  • It gives the family a chance to bond 
  • Encourages respect
  • Instills proper work ethic
  • Fosters a sense of belonging and accountability 

Age-Appropriate Chores for 7 to 8 Year Olds

At a young age, children can lend a hand in many assorted tasks. However, even if helping out around the house is beneficial, it doesn’t mean that your children have the skills and aptitude to complete every task you give them. 

Therefore, one critical aspect of having your child complete chores is making them age-appropriate. 

Household jobs need to be simple enough that your kid will not become overwhelmed and give up. Too many complex steps can hinder their willingness to complete a job, making them feel like a failure and not good enough to succeed. 

If you have kids ages 7 to 8, there are several tasks they can do around the house that will benefit them without them feeling like their contribution doesn’t matter. 

Sweep, Vacuum, Mop 

Homes with busy families always need attention, it seems. Floors can become especially dirty with people coming and going throughout the day. Kids ages 7 to 8 are capable of sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floor. 

You may want to give them a hand when filling up buckets of soapy water for mopping or bringing a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs for them. Otherwise, you can have them tackle these big chores for you and save you some time.

Make Their School Lunch

At this age, your child should be aware of the major food groups and healthy meal choices. If you keep your fridge stocked with selections of fruit and tasty lunch items, they can make their school lunches and snacks on their own. 

You may have them complete this chore the night before to save any time restrictions if you are busy each morning rushing out the door. 

Table Settings and Dishes

Children who are 7 to 8 years old can be responsible enough to set the table for meals, ensuring that everyone has utensils, plates, and cups. Then, when the meal is complete, they can aid in clearing the table and putting away items, like napkins or the butter dish. 

Depending on your household, your child can help load and unload a dishwasher or help dry dishes after meals and put them away. This chore is a great opportunity to teach them safe handling practices, including keeping knives out of a sink where you can’t see them or handling glass dishes with care. 

Help With Meal Prep

Once your kids reach age 7 or 8, they can start helping you prepare dinner. While you do not want them using appliances that could harm them, children can wash and peel vegetables, prepare salads, and other measuring tasks. 

Depending on your child, they can prepare some simple meals, including heating soup and making sandwiches. 


The task of laundry isn’t just for grown-ups anymore. Although your child may not be able to add laundry soap to a load of clothes, they can sort and learn how the settings on a washer and dryer work.

Use the extra pair of hands to help you fold and put away the weekly laundry, and you are sure to keep up on the household chores. 

Making Their Bed

Knowing how to make a bed properly is a task that many adults cannot do. However, having a bed made each morning can give your child a sense of accomplishment to start their day. With this, your child will be more motivated to ensure they keep the rest of their room clean as well. 

Clean Their Room

A 7 or 8 year old child can clean their room without much help from a parent. Putting laundry away, keeping toys or books organized, and vacuuming the floors are terrific age-appropriate chores for your kid. 


Dusting is an easy task your child can do if they can reach shelves and have safe items to work around. Coffee and end tables, picture frames, and bookshelves are all accessible locations to dust regularly. 

One consideration is to ensure that they will not have to move heavy or delicate objects that could break and cause harm. 

Help With Pets

If your family has any pets, children ages 7 to 8 are well equipped to check water dishes, feed animals, and play with many animals. If you have large dogs or live in an area where walking your pet alone is not possible, they can spend time interacting and help reinforce training commands. 

Remember They Are Learning 

As your child grows, they will expand their skills and aptitude for tasks. Naturally, it will take some time before your kids master mopping the floor or cleaning their room. Try to remember that they are learning, and when their job is complete, it may not be what you may expect from a spouse or a teenager. 

Encourage them when they help and offer advice without critiquing the job they perform. 

Allow your kids room to grow and learn as they develop their skills around the home. Finding age-appropriate chores for a 7 to 8 year old will give them a host of benefits to carry with them as they mature. 


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