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Age-Appropriate Chores for Teenagers

If you’re wondering what chores you should include on the family chore list, we’ve got some ideas.

It can be tough to convince your teen to do their chores, but assigning daily tasks can help teach important life skills that increase their chances of success. By the age of thirteen, kids are capable of doing just about any household chore. Once they’re old enough to get a driver’s license, you can even send teens out on short errands.

If you’re wondering what chores you should include on the family chore wheel, we’ve got some ideas. Here, we’re going to go over how chores can help teens to succeed and some age-appropriate chores for teenagers.

Why Should Teens Do Chores?

Doing chores as a child can be a good indicator of lifelong success, especially with an early start. Kids who do chores consistently from a young age tend to be more well-adjusted once they reach their mid-20s and beyond. 

Chores help reinforce the idea of personal responsibility and give teenagers a way to consciously contribute to the household. Doing tasks such as cooking and laundry also help to prepare teens for life in college and beyond. 

Having chores on their plate can help teens to gain self-confidence and overcome the doubt and anxiety that so often plagues their age group. It shows them that they can make a difference, even if only in small ways. It also shows them that they’re competent in many of the same ways as adults. 

Chores can also help teens to learn time management early on before they hit the job market. They have to balance school and social life with daily tasks at home. They may need help with this at first, but over time, teens will learn how to budget their own time.

Be sure not to give teens more chores than they can handle. If you load them down with hours of tasks after school each day, their grades and their mood may suffer. It’s a good idea to work with teens to create a chore schedule that works for both of you. 

Chore Ideas for Teenagers

Teens can easily master just about any chore that an adult can do around the house. Here, we’re going to go over age-appropriate chores for teenagers of all ages. 

Doing the Dishes

Dishes are a daily task that eats into valuable cooking time. Having your teen frees up more time for meal prep while also teaching both personal responsibility and time management. They have to learn the best way to fit dish time between homework and after-school activities. It can also get teens more involved in mealtime to bring them closer to the family. 

Doing the Laundry

Laundry is a vital life skill that all too many teens fail to learn before leaving the house. Having your teen do the occasional load of laundry will help to teach them how to do laundry and reinforce it until they’re off to college and beyond. For busy teens, laundry allows for more flexibility than chores such as doing the dishes or walking the dog. 

Feeding, Walking, and Cleaning Up After Pets

Teaching teens responsibility is more than just showing them how to take care of themselves. Pets offer an excellent way to impress values such as empathy and understanding. If you have pets, you can make teens responsible for their welfare. Doing so will show them how their hard work can benefit others as well. 

Babysitting Younger Siblings

Babysitting is another good way that teens can learn how to care for others. For younger teens, you can even have them practice while you’re at home so that they can come to you for any potential emergencies. Older teens with experience should be fine watching siblings while you go out grocery shopping or head out for a night on the town.

Cooking Meals

Cooking the family meal once a week is a good chore for teens, but make sure you give them a crash course in using the stove first. With younger teens, you may want to cook alongside them until they get the hang of things. 

Acting as the family chef also builds a foundation for healthy eating when teens are living out on their own. They’ll know the basics of how to cook a variety of different meals when they leave the house for college and beyond. 

Washing the Car

Washing the car is a great way to get teenagers outdoors and active. If they’re allowed to take the family car on outings, having them wash it occasionally is a good way to have teens contribute to car ownership– even if they don’t have a paying job yet.

Doing Yard Work

Yard work such as weed whacking, mowing the grass, or pruning shrubs can all be hard work. It offers the perfect chance for teens to try some more intense physical labor. Not only does yard work help to reinforce a strong work ethic, but it also builds strength and endurance while reducing stress and anxiety. Spending time outdoors may even help teens to develop a healthy respect for the natural world.

Going to the Grocery Store

For teens who have their license, running errands to the grocery store can give a taste of independence. It shows them that they’re trusted and helps them to feel like a contributing member of the household. Shopping for groceries also helps to encourage healthy eating. Always make sure you include plenty of fruit, vegetables, and lean proteins on your shopping list. 

Picking Up Dry Cleaning

Another good chore idea for driving teens is sending them to pick up the dry cleaning. Again, allowing teenagers to run errands on their own can help to boost self-confidence as they learn to function more independently. 

In Conclusion

Having chores can help teens mature into responsible adults. It helps to pave the way for lifelong success as long as chores are reasonable and consistent. You can try out any of these age-appropriate chores for teenagers to show them that dedication and hard work always pay off in the end.


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