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Avoid These Paint Colors For Your Home

Some paint colors do not translate well on walls. They might look lovely on the chip, but when you put them on the walls, the colors become unpleasant.

Walking into the paint section of a hardware store can be overwhelming. With so many available colors, the chance is high that you choose a paint color you will regret. Before making this mistake consider the paint colors you should avoid at all costs. 

Some paint colors do not translate well on walls. They might look lovely on the chip, but when you put them on the walls, the colors become unpleasant. Designers often advise their clients to avoid certain colors unless their clients love them. 


Red is a beautiful color, but it tends to increase energy in a room. If you want your home to be your place of relaxation, use red sparingly. You could use red on an accent wall or in an energetic room like a kitchen, but avoid it in your bedroom or den.

Royal Blue

Blue is a calming color, but royal blue often comes across as too bold. Royal blue walls look more like a mistake than a wise choice. The jarring tone looks lovely on accents, but it is overwhelming on the walls. Rather than a medium blue, turn to a darker or softer shade like cornflower or dark navy blue. 

Warm White

White is a lovely neutral, but warm white takes the neutral and softens it. Rather than making the color more attractive, soft whites look dingy. Keeping white walls clean is tough enough as it is, but when the paint you choose already looks dirty, you’ve already made your life more difficult. 

Rather than choosing a warm or dingy white, pick a bright white, gray, or greige (grey-beige) for a modern take on a neutral. While staying away from warm white, avoid the builder’s beige so your walls don’t look like drywall. 


Like red and royal blue, yellow can overwhelm a room. Yellow is an energizing color that often makes people happy. But, this doesn’t mean you should paint an entire room in any shades of yellow. Consider the challenge of finding furniture to compliment your yellow room and stick with something more neutral. If you need yellow in a room, add a vase or some throw pillows. 

Pale Green or Bright Green

Pale green is a tough color to pick because it makes a room look like a hospital or other institution. The only place a bright green paint makes sense is a child’s playroom because of the energizing quality, but adults quickly tire of bright green. 

If you must have a green room in your home, turn to dark green instead. Just be sure the green you choose does not have too much brown in it, or you cross into the next unpleasant color choice. 


People generally want their homes to have lovely spaces where they can relax. Researchers believe they have found the ugliest color, which is known as Pantone 448 or dark greenish-brown. This color is so ugly that an Australian cigarette company packed their cigarettes in it to help people quit smoking

If you must use a dark brown on your walls, consider a chocolate brown that soothes the soul without making you feel lifeless and unhappy. 

Pastel Colors

If you choose a pastel color, be sure it isn’t too close to white. Designers often avoid pastels because they look like frosting but on a wall. Rather than turning to pastel pink, blue, or orange, consider white or colors with more saturation so they don’t look white. 

When you choose a color, be intentional. Painting a wall a pastel color looks like you were too scared to commit to the actual color you wanted. 


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