Want to Renovate Your Kitchen? Try Out These Things

Kitchen renovations can be a tough decision to make because it requires a lot of planning in terms of budget, designing, materials, whether to go for DIY or hire a kitchen designer, etc. if you are on a limited budget for the kitchen renovation, do not worry we are here to help you design the … Continued

12 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Saving energy is always a good idea, not only is it environmentally friendly, but it can also save you money as well. Becoming more energy efficient doesn’t always have to mean a huge overhaul though, there are small changes you can make and new habits can form that really add up. Here are a few … Continued

19 Strange Houses to Serve Your Weirdest Tastes

What are the strange houses of the world?  Where are these strange homes located? Would you consider inhabiting in any of these strange houses in the world? Here are our top picks for you: Do You Have Love for Nature? The Stone House in Portugal It is the house set between two rocks and it … Continued

Avoid These Paint Colors For Your Home

Some paint colors do not translate well on walls. They might look lovely on the chip, but when you put them on the walls, the colors become unpleasant.

How Drought Conditions Impact Wildfire Risks

If you’ve ever built a campfire, you know that dry materials are easier to burn. They also burn much quicker, meaning you can run out of wood, leaves, or whatever else you’re using too fast.  For wildfires, that same concept is multiplied to a much bigger scale. A large, dry forest can burn quickly. Drought … Continued

Storage Solutions to Keep Your Home Office Well-Organized

During another lockdown phase, you still must be working from home. Whether you have recently shifted to the home office work style or already have been managing work from home for many years, you need a perfect workplace even at your abode to peacefully complete your routine tasks. When creating a home office area in … Continued

How To Make A Mulch Bed Easily In Your Garden

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may also contain other affiliate links. To make a mulch bed in your garden, you will need to remove any weeds, trim nearby plants, rake the soil, and then cultivate it. After creating edging, you can start laying down the mulch. You should spread … Continued

How Deck Waterproofing Protects Its Surface

Deck waterproofing is a vital part of maintaining your outside deck space. As summer nears, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when it comes to protecting your deck. If you enjoy using a home deck for entertaining friends, then it is important to waterproof the surface to prevent damage to the materials. … Continued

7 Amazing Bathroom Makeovers on a Tight Budget

We know that not every homeowner has a large budget for bathroom remodeling, which is why we put together this list of 7 beautiful bathroom makeovers on a tight budget. Homeowners are regularly told that their bathroom is one of the most expensive places to makeover. Your bathroom needs a refresh, but you’re worried that … Continued

5 Room Additions for Smaller Homes With Large Impact

Just because you have a smaller home doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the space you have. In fact, there are many room additions you can consider as part of your home remodeling that can have a major impact on your usable space. The following are some of your options to help you choose which remodeling … Continued

Rodent Control: What to Do When You Have Mice

If you are dealing with mice in your home, you need to act fast. Mice in your home might seem harmless at first, but this is simply not the case. Mice and rats are among the most common pests in America and are responsible for the transmission of at least 35 serious diseases to humans. … Continued

5 Reasons Belgian Sheer Linen Drapes Are Always A Good Idea

Sheer drapes have long been a go-to window treatment choice for interior designers for a good reason. Not only are sheer drapes a stylish way to open up a room, their lightweight composition ensures they’ll complement a variety of aesthetic styles. Love the look of sheer drapes but not sure if they’re the right window … Continued

Let Fixer help you with your Spring Checklist!

Spring is here and now that it’s warming up, many of us are starting to prepare or check off things on our spring checklists. If you don’t have a list or aren’t sure what you should even do, don’t worry, we’ve got you! We’d like to offer you some of our best tips on how … Continued

What To Clean When You’re Moving

After weeks of preparation, you’re probably eager to head off and move into your new home. But before you finish packing, there’s one thing you shouldn’t put away just yet: your cleaning supplies.

Tips for Knitting a Scarf for Beginners

Are you thinking of knitting as a new hobby? Well, it can be challenging and intimidating to get started. But all you really need is patience, time, and practice. The truth is that knitting is no different from learning how to cook or play an instrument. But learning essential tips for knitting a scarf for … Continued