Simple Spring Home Improvement Projects

Winter and cold weather can be nice, but the thought of spring and warmer weather makes most everyone start dreaming of outdoor time and a new take on your home. Take a few minutes and find these simple spring home improvement projects to make the most of the warmer weather! Deck maintenance: paint or stain … Continued

Winter and cold weather can be nice, but the thought of spring and warmer weather makes most everyone start dreaming of outdoor time and a new take on your home. Take a few minutes and find these simple spring home improvement projects to make the most of the warmer weather!

Deck maintenance: paint or stain your deck

Sealing your deck with paint, stain or seal will help the wood on your deck last for a long time. Bob Villa has great tips on how to tackle this project and avoid issues many do-it-yourselfers encounter. If you decide to DIY rather than go with a professional, take time to make a plan and consult with an expert to do this right and avoid costly redos down the road.

Clean and check ductwork for better allergy management

Another Bob Villa tip is checking your ductwork. Over the winter months, dust can settle in and cause allergy issues. Beyond just allergy issues, having clear ductwork can prevent headaches down the road.

Create a fire pit in your backyard – spring home improvement projects

Fire Pit - Easy Home Improvement Projects - HappyCozyHouse
Fire Pit – Spring Home Improvement Projects – HappyCozyHouse

The cooler spring nights are perfect for a cozy fire pit. A firepit feature can add value to your backyard and home. Whether you hire someone to build one or choose to DIY a firepit is a great spring home improvement project. Find more ideas and how to get started to build your firepit.

Service your HVAC to prevent air conditioner issues in Summer

We all forget to change filters in our systems, but keeping on top of aging systems will prevent future headaches. The Bob Villa site has great tips for serving your system, which comes down to using free in-home consultations and understanding your system. An HVAC over 10 years old is one that needs a lot of attention and possibly, replacement. Know your home warranty and warranty of any HVAC in your home. Don’t wait until hot days are here and maintenance companies are booked, get yours done early.

Add a garden for fresh food in the summer and fall

When the kids have been cooped up in the house all winter, a garden activity will help everyone get some fresh air, exercise and fun. Choose the right type of garden for your family and yard: a free standing box or wall garden, a garden built in the earth or a simple potted plant garden on your deck or patio. Pinterest has no shortage of ideas, tips and resources to find the right garden style, or styles, for you!

Check your roof and gutters for winter wear & tear

The heavy snow and ice of winter can wreak havoc on a roof. The thawing ice and snow can find its way into flaws of your roof, flashing and more or full gutters can back up and cause leaking into your roof and worse: your ceilings and walls. A great fall prep tip is to keep your gutters clear for winter but we can’t go back in time. As temperatures rise, keep gutters clear and watch for wear and tear on your roof to stop potential leaks and issues before they happen. When or if they do, contact your insurance company to see if they will cover the damage. Dry out any leaks inside with a fan and try to find the source and stop it. The best step is prevention!

Upgrade your address marker for safety and style

Update Address Markers - Home Safety & Security Tips - HappyCozyHouse
Update Address Markers – Home Safety & Security Tips – HappyCozyHouse

Did you know that first responders, such as police and fire/EMS, have a lot of trouble finding the address markers on homes? Make sure your family is safe with an easy to read address marker near your door AND curb. Adding a simple white painted box with black address numbers on your curb helps anyone to find your home quickly.

Upgrade your windows for more efficient energy and temperature control

Older homes often leak air through windows that are not efficient. While energy efficient windows can be costly to do all at once, choosing a few windows to replace each year helps manage the costs and add efficiency. For those that can do all their windows at once, you can take advantage of discounts and specials in the off-season to get the best deal possible. Many people choose one of the large popular window replacement companies like Pella or Anderson, but you can also DIY your window replacement if you are up to the challenge. Add value to your home and save on electricity cost with replacement windows and doors.

Investigate your attic and basement for potential issues

We mentioned before the issues melting ice and snow can have on your roof. Inspecting your attic and basement thoroughly as temperatures rise can prevent a lot of issues and allow you to catch them before they happen or get too costly. Take a flashlight and look at any seams in your basement and attic lines: where walls and rooflines meet, where rafters go into walls or any other potential weak spots. Before you climb around in your attic or basement in dangerous places, take care and caution to prevent injuries to yourself. Always check with a professional if you are unable to check yourself or have the potential to get hurt.

Update your faucets and hardware in your home

Over time, faucets and hardware can take a real hit. From minerals and contaminants in water as well as previous home owners, an updated faucet or shower head can not only improve the quality of your water but your enjoyment and usage. Upgrade the kitchen, bathroom or other faucets in your home to gain better flow and a new look.

Test ceiling fans and lights and get great deals during holiday sales

Ceiling Fan Check - HappyCozyHouse
Ceiling Fan Check – Kick Dust, Allergies and more to the curb – HappyCozyHouse

Spring weather may not be warm enough for air conditioning, and when this happens many turn to ceiling fans to add circulation. Avoid the dreaded broken fan or light by testing and trying your fans. It may also be time to flip the blades from winter to summer circulation. Learn more about which way to rotate your fan for the seasons on the Delmar Fans site. While you’re up there, dust it off and save on allergy headaches.

Donate or recycle clothes, appliances or other items for a spring cleaning

Take advantage of donation opportunities if you are upgrading items in your home. Local Restart or Habitat for Humanity chapters are always looking for great cabinets or items they can repurpose. Even Tamara Day loves to reuse and repurpose items from old homes: bricks, fireplace mantles, and anything wood. Before you throw it away find out if your local charity can use them or even a neighbor.

Paint interior and exterior walls, trim and spruce up

House Painting - Spring Home Improvement Projects - HappyCozyHouse
House Painting – Spring Home Improvement Projects – HappyCozyHouse

A painting refresh should be done every 5-10 years for your home exterior. The weather and paint quality of the last time it was painted may impact that timeline. If it was an especially hard winter, your home may need some exterior touch ups on the trim work or areas that were hit with ice, snow and/or wind from the winter storms. Beyond the cosmetic, keeping your home painted will help prevent issues like wood rot or animals or bugs taking advantage of weaknesses.

Painting the interior? Don’t miss our best tip and trick for trying new paint samples without the mess!

Getting the most from your spring home improvement projects

We hope this list of simple spring home improvement projects will help you maximize your happy cozy house. Get rid of the winter grime and say hello to spring with these easy ideas. As always, check with professionals before starting any projects. Happy home improving!


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