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The Importance of Having a Separate Home Office Space

Having a dedicated workspace at home is essential for those people where working remotely is a part of their daily routine, and here's why.

One of the biggest changes to work patterns because of the COVID-19 pandemic was the overnight shift to working from home. As lockdowns were ordered in cities across the world, people started working from their living rooms, kitchens, and other spaces at home. Virtual meetings became the order of the day. As time has moved on, many businesses and employees are reevaluating whether working from home could become the norm. Having a dedicated workspace at home is essential for those people where working remotely is a part of their daily routine, and here’s why.

Separating Your Work-Life Balance

When you work from home, it’s really tempting to check your emails or work in the evening, which has consequences, as you never really switch off from the job. What you need to do is to separate home and work life so there’s a clear boundary. By doing that, you’ll get sufficient rest and relaxation, be able to find time to exercise, and stay healthy. Having a dedicated workspace enables you to close the door or the laptop when the working day is over and spend quality time with your family.

Get the Ergonomics Right

Hunching over a laptop or having a chair at the incorrect height to your computer will lead to neck and back problems. A study of home workers during the COVID-19 pandemic showed 41% experienced low back pain and 21% reported neck problems. Just as you would in an office environment, you need to set up your workspace e so it is ergonomically safe and you avoid health problems. That dedicated workspace means you can adjust it to your needs, and it shouldn’t get disturbed for other household activities.

Think About Privacy

Sometimes you will have work conversations that require privacy. There might be an employee to reprimand or you could have a commercially sensitive meeting discussion. And don’t forget, someone might want to have a tough conversation relating to your performance. People are also being interviewed for jobs online now, so interruptions not only affect privacy but are distracting. A dedicated workspace will avoid you having to share details with family or people who share your apartment, and give you some privacy. Even when you have a Zoom meeting, the other participants don’t want to hear others in the background, so having space to work results in a more focused approach.

A Quiet Zone

Sometimes you need to focus attention on a piece of work and require a peaceful working environment. A separate workspace will enable you to close the door and work undisturbed. Interruptions are known to disturb your workflow and are a challenge when working from home. A separate space gives a message to people in your household that you are working and should not be interrupted. By having somewhere dedicated to work quietly, you will be more productive.

Set the Routine and Raise Awareness of the Workspace

When you have a go-to place to work at home, it sets the tone for your working environment and gets you into a routine. When you are in the space, you are clearly at work. You can leave documents in your workspace or a secure work laptop and phone. When you go for a break or finish for the day, you leave your working environment. As working from home is likely to become the norm for a lot of employees, it helps if you are disciplined about a dedicated space and a routine as soon as possible. If you are looking for that dream promotion or job, the market has opened up flexibly as more people work remotely. A future employer will want to know you have a separate home office space to work productively.

There Are Financial Benefits

Tax regulations vary between countries. If you have a dedicated workspace, you can likely claim a tax rebate for equipment including furniture used solely for your work. That includes a desk, ergonomic chair, laptop, printer, and other essentials. When you don’t have a defined space or are using items that double for other uses, the tax position is more blurred and you are unlikely to have a claim. You can check your entitlements by reading your country’s government tax web pages or contacting an accountant.

The global pandemic has seen people work from home who would most probably have remained office-based, and it has effectively transformed the workplace. Working from home is here to stay, so getting established with a dedicated separate home office space has become vital for working productively.


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