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What To Clean When You’re Moving

After weeks of preparation, you’re probably eager to head off and move into your new home. But before you finish packing, there’s one thing you shouldn’t put away just yet: your cleaning supplies.

After weeks of preparation, you’re probably eager to head off and move into your new home. But before you finish packing, there’s one thing you shouldn’t put away just yet: your cleaning supplies. 

Whether you’re moving out of an apartment, trailer, or a house, it’s a good idea to leave things just as tidy as they had originally been when you’d first moved in — if possible, even more so. This is even more vital for people who’ve rented and are expecting a security deposit. 

Fortunately, cleaning a house is easy once you’ve boxed up all of your belongings. You’ve already gotten through the hardest part of moving, so a little time and diligence are all you’ll need to leave your former residence in mint condition. 

Cleaning Checklist 

It’s easy to overlook a lot of nooks and crannies while cleaning. Fortunately, with the help of a checklist, tidying up your old home can be a breeze. 

Windows and Mirrors 

Fingerprints and dust can accumulate on glass surfaces. To restore your windows, mirrors, and glass doors to their original shine,  all you need are some paper towels and a store-bought or homemade glass cleaner. 

If possible, try to wipe both sides of the windows, and remember to dust off the windowsills and handles of glass doors, too. 

Sinks and Tubs 

Nobody wants to bathe in a dirty tub. With a coarse-textured sponge and a strong bathroom cleaner, you can scrub away even the toughest stains from your baths and sinks. 

Don’t forget to clean the faucets and handles, too, as these areas can be a breeding ground for bacteria. 


If you have kids or pets, there’s a good chance your walls have collected some stains over the years. A mixture of soap and water is all you should need to scrub away dirt and crayon markings. Check for any thumb tacks or nails, too. 

Certain stains like permanent markers can be near-impossible to wipe away; in this case, if it’s severe, it might be best to simply paint over it. 

Cobwebs can also build up in hard-to-reach areas on the walls. Check the upper and lower corners of every room, and use a long duster or a step stool if necessary. 

Shelves And Cabinets 

Once you’ve emptied and packed up your belongings, you’ll want to give your cabinets a quick but thorough wipe-down. A simple washcloth soaked in soap and water is all you need to clean up crumbs, dust, and sticky spills from your shelves. 


If your apartment came with furniture, you fortunately don’t have to deal with the hassle of hauling it to your new home; but if it doesn’t belong to you, it’s all the more important to ensure that it’s in top shape. 

A vacuum with a hose is ideal for sweeping the debris out of soft furniture. If possible, remove the cushions to give them a more meticulous cleaning. For wooden furniture, wiping them down with a washcloth should be all you’ll need. Remember to clean out any cobwebs behind and underneath, too. 


For carpeted rooms, you will want to ensure you vacuum every corner, using the hose if necessary. For throw rugs, give them a good shake to dislodge any dust and debris. 

Old stains can be a hassle to remove, but with a designated carpet cleaner and some rigorous scrubbing, you can lift even the most stubborn stains.  

Hard Floors 

This should be the last item on your checklist. If you clean the floors first, you will likely track more dirt through your house as you do the rest of your cleaning, and as a result, you might have to re-mop again. 

Sweep the floors of every room with a broom and dustpan. Then, mop with a mixture of ½ cup of vinegar and 1 gallon of warm water. This mild solution will leave your floors looking clean as can be, but won’t do any damage to the hardwood. 

Wrapping Up 

Once you’ve made it through this checklist, you can finally begin to wrap things up. All that’s left to do is box up your cleaning supplies, haul them onto the moving truck, and be on your way to your new home! 


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